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Dr.Kasey Griffith profile

Dr. Kasey Griffith grew up in Emmett, ID graduating from EHS in 2009. He spent his childhood playing football and baseball where he garnered many A-l conference awards. His love for football persuaded him to play for The University of Montana Western Bulldogs. He had a successful playing career where he was recognized by coaches in the Frontier Conference as a 2nd team all-conference linebacker and team defensive player of the year his sophomore year leading to a preseason all American award and 1st team all-conference and team defensive player of the year again his senior year. Dr. Griffith completed his bachelor’s in biology and continued coaching defensive backs for 2 years after his playing career was over in 2014-15.

In 2017, he enrolled at the University of Western States for his doctorate in chiropractic graduating in 2020 with his doctorate as well as another bachelor’s in human biology. His love for athletics at a young age and the desire for success guides him to help others strive to be better physically. Knowing firsthand how sports related injuries or strenuous activity can affect everyday well-being, Dr. Griffith is here to educate his patients and help make sure they live each day pain free.

Dr. Griffith loves to hunt and fish in Idaho’s great outdoors as well as staying active in the gym or on the golf course in his spare time.


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For nearly eight months, I woke up every day with a pounding headache. Right when I opened my eyes, the migraine started. I tried many remedies but could not relieve my pain permanently. A colleague referred me to Dr. Jessop, and within two weeks, my headache is unnoticeable. There aren't enough ways I can tell you how great he, and the staff at meridian chiropractic are. It's really hard to pick the right words. 'Life changing' is the truest description. Thanks again

Brian Bird

I’m in love! A few months ago, I started waking up with headaches almost daily. They weren’t just a headache but had pain going down in to my neck and shoulders. Sometimes the pain would even spread in to my arms and affect my vision. I went to my personal doctor, tried massages, physical therapy, yoga and exercise, even other chiropractors. I did experience a reduction in the discomfort but not completely and it was always temporary. Then I came to Dr. Jessop’s office. From the time I walked in the door I felt a difference. The facility is very comfortable and inviting. I was greeted warmly and felt at ease immediately. Dr. Jessop was very knowledgeable and appeared genuinely concerned. He was not rushed or distracted but took time to find the origination of the headaches then what I have done to treat them so far. Even after my first appointment I felt a marked difference. With the personal nature of the service and the positive results I have been very impressed. My pain and discomfort has reduced drastically and I feel better than I did before the headaches even started. I would recommend Dr. Jessop to anyone with 100% confidence. THANK YOU!!!

Jen Barney

One of the best deep tissue massages I've ever had as well as an amazing adjustment. Highlight of my month!

Rodger Dean

Dr. Jessop is so good at what he does! He listens to your concerns and works with you for long term health. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel like a part of their family; Corrine and Nicki are amazing! Just when you think it can’t get any better, you treat yourself to a massage that is simply marvelous! I couldn’t ask for anything better from my Chiropractor!

Kari Braun